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Publications in Journals (published and in press) [Total = 26]


Baker, I.R. and Girguis, P.R. 2024. Sulfur cycling likely obscures dynamic biologicallydriveniron redox cycling in contemporary methane seep environments. Env. Microbio. Reports 16, p.e13263. doi: 10.1111/1758-2229.13263

Baker, I.R., Matzen, S.L., Schuler, C.J., Toner, B.M. and Girguis, P.R. 2023. Aerobic iron-oxidizing bacteria secrete metabolites that markedly impede abiotic iron oxidation. PNAS nexus, 2, pgad421. doi:10.1093/pnasnexus/pgad421

Bire, S., T. Mittal, W. Kang, A. Ramadhan, P. Tuckman, A. Thurnherr, J. Marshall, 2023. Divergent behavior of hydrothermal plumes in fresh versus saline icy ocean worldsJGR-Planets, doi:10.1029/2023JE007740.

Blackman, DK, S Talavera-Soza, R-J Hung, JA Collins, G Laske, Pacific seafloor in the 40-52 Myr old portion of the Molokai to Murray corridor, Mar. Geol., 2024.

Elkassas, S., Serres, M., Richardson, D., Zhilina, T., Huber, J. 2024. Draft Genome Sequence of Methanocalculus natronophilus sp. strain Z-7105T, an Alkaliphilic, Methanogenic Archaeon Isolated from a Soda Lake. Microbiology Resource Announcements, in press.

Ely, T. Leong, J.A.M., Canovas, P.C III, and Shock, E. L. 2023. Huge variation in H2generation during seawater alteration of ultramafic rocks. Geochem., Geophys., Geosyst., 24, e2022GC010658.

Fisher, A. T., K. L. Dickerson, D. K. Blackman, N. Randolph-Flagg, C. R. German, and C. Sotin 2024. Sustaining hydrothermal circulation with gravity relevant to ocean worlds, JGR-Planets, in press.

Frates, E.S., Spietz, R.L., Silverstein, M.R., Girguis, P. Hatzenpichler, R. and Marlow, J.J. 2023. Natural and anthropogenic carbon input affect microbial activity in salt marsh sediment.  Front.Microbiol. 14. doi:10.3389/fmicb.2023.1235906.

Gulay, A., Fournier, G., Smets, B.F. and Girguis, P.R. 2023. Proterozoic Acquisition of Archaeal Genes for Extracellular Electron Transfer: A Metabolic Adaptation of Aerobic Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria to Oxygen Limitation. Molec. Biol. & Evolution 40, msad161. doi:10.1093/molbev/msad161.

Hoehler, T.M., JP Amend, BB Jørgensen, VJ Orphan, MA Lever (2024), Studies on life at the energetic edge–from laboratory experiments to field-based investigations, volume II. Front.Microbiol. 14, p.1351761.

Hoehler, T.M., Mankel, D.J., Girguis, P.R., McCollom, T.M., Kiang, N.Y. and Jørgensen, B.B. 2023. The metabolic rate of the biosphere and its components. PNAS 120, e2303764120. doi:10.1073/pnas.2303764120.

Hu, S.K., Anderson, R.E., Pachiadaki, M.G., Edgcomb, V.P., Serres, M.H., Sylva, S.P., German, C.R., Seewald, J.S., Lang, S.Q., and Huber, J.A. 2024. Microbial eukaryotic predation pressure and biomass at deep-sea hydrothermal vents. ISME Journal 18. 10.1093/ismejo/wrae004.

Hu, S.K., Smith, A.R., Anderson, R.E., Sylva, S.P., Setzer, M., Steadmon, M., Frank, K.L., Chan, E.W., Lim, D.S.S., German, C.R., Breier, J.A., Lang, S.Q., Butterfield, D.A., Fortunato, C.S., Seewald, J.S., and Huber, J.A. 2022. Globally-distributed microbial eukaryotes exhibit endemism at deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Molec. Ecol. 32, 6580-6598.

Hwang, Y., Cornman, A.L., Kellogg, E.H., Ovchinnikov, S. and Girguis, P.R. 2024. Genomic language model predicts protein co-regulation and function. Nat. Comm. 15, p.2880. doi: 10.1038/s41467-024-46947-9.

Kanaan, G., TM Hoehler, G Iwahana, JW Deming 2023. Modeled energetics of bacterial communities in ancient subzero brines. Front. Microbiol. 14, p.1206641.

Kang W., 2023, The modulation effect of ice thickness variations on convection in icy ocean worlds. MNRAS 525, 5251-5261.

Kang W., 2024, Non Synchronized rotation of icy moon ice shell: the thermal wind perspective, Sci.Adv. 10, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.adk2277.

Mitchell, J.H. Adam H. Freedman, Jennifer A. Delaney, and Peter R. Girguis. Co-expression analysis reveals distinct alliances around two carbon fixation pathways in hydrothermal vent symbionts. Nat. Micro., in press. 

Neveu, M., R.Quinn, L.M.Barge, K.L.Craft, C.R.German, S.Getty, C.Glein, M.Parra, A.S.Burton, F.Cary, A.Corpolongo, L.Fifer, A.Gangidine, D.Gentry, C.Georgiou, Z.Haddadin, C.Herbold, A.Inaba, S.F.Jordan, H.Kalucha, P.Klier, K.Knicely, A.Y.Li, P.McNally, M.Millan, N.Naz, C.G.Raj, P.Schroedl, J.Timm & Z.Yang. Future of the Search for Life: Workshop Report. Astrobiology 24,114-129, doi:10.1089/ast.2022.0158, 2024.

Randolph-Flagg, N., Ely, T., Som, S.M., Shock, E.L. German, C.R. and Hoehler, T.M. 2023. Phosphorous availability and implications for life on ocean worlds. Nat. Comm. 14,

Reynard, B. and C. Sotin, 2023. Carbon-rich icy moons and dwarf planets, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett.612, pp.118172. 10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118172

Robinson, K.J., Hartnett, H., Gould, I., Shock, E. (2023) Ethene-ethanol ratios as potential indicators of hydrothermal activity at Enceladus, Europa, and other icy ocean worlds. Icarus 406, 115765.

Robinson, K., Seewald, J.S., Sylva, S.P., Fecteau, K.M. and Shock, E.L. (2024) Thermodynamic property estimations for aqueous primary, secondary, and tertiary alkylamines, benzylamines, and their corresponding aminiums across temperature and pressure are validated by measurements from experiments. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 372, 62-80.

Som, S., S Sevgen, A Suttle, J Bowman, B Schmidt, 2024.Thermodynamic predictions of hydrogen generation during the serpentinization of harzburgite with seawater-derived brines. Planet. Sci.J., in press.

Zhang, Y., W. Kang, J. Marshall, 2024. Ocean weather systems on icy moons, with application to Enceladus. Sci. Adv., in press.

Zhou, Z. Tran, P.Q., Adams, A.M., Kieft, K. Breier, J.A., Fortunato, C.F., Sheik, C.S., Huber, J.A., Li, M., Dick, G.J., and K. Anantharaman. 2023. Sulfur cycling connects microbiomes and biogeochemistry in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes. ISME Journal 17: 1194-1207.

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